What’s next for the Chicago Sky’s 3 All Stars?

The Chicago Sky have had a relatively successful 2019 season. Their record has improved to 11-8 and they have sent three players to the All Star game: Allie Quigley, Diamond DeShields, and Courtney Vandersloot. I’d like to take a look at All Star’s performance and what we can expect from them moving forward. 

Allie Quigley

Allie Quigley is averaging 13.1 points, 3.3 rebounds, and 2.9 assists per game. Her points have taken a slight dip. But rebounds are at a record high for Quigley and assists are second highest of her career. You don’t need to look at a stat line to notice Quigley’s impact. She has started in every single game, has made clutch shots to close out games, and is now a three-time all star. 

Allie Quigley has been playing at this high level for three years now and I expect more of the same. Personally, I would like her to be a bit more aggressive on the offensive side of the basketball. I believe her points per game could get a slight bump if her shot attempts increased. Her shot attempts are down 2.6 from last year, while her minutes have remained relatively the same.

The Sky are right in the middle of the season and Quigley will play a pivotal role in the team’s success. If possible, I’d like to see her get some rest and sit for longer stretches. She’s averaging 29.1 minutes per game and I’d like to see her sitting for just a couple minutes more per game so she can stay healthy and fresh for some playoff basketball.

Diamond DeShields 

Diamond DeShields had lofty goals at the start of the season. She talked about being an All Star, she talked about being MVP of the league. While the MVP is still a work in progress, she achieved All Star status.

This has easily been DeShields best year of her career. She is averaging 15.2 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 2.5 assists per game. Those are record numbers for Diamond in every statistical category. She is only in her second season, but still. She has improved every facet of her game and she is now an All Star.

Similar to Quigley, all you have to do is watch a Chicago Sky game to see what makes Diamond so special. She’s  blazing fast, extremely athletic, and will make a play every game that will seem impossible. 

My only criticism of Diamond is she needs to be even more aggressive. Even more than Allie Quigley, Diamond needs to take charge of the offense and should be the only player any one looks to in the fourth quarter of a tight game. I think the reason for this tentativeness is youth. She is one of the youngest players on the team, and with a couple of All Stars already in the lineup, it’s understandable to defer to your All Star point guard or shooting guard. This has been a breakout season for Diamond so far and I just want more. More shot attempts, more game winning shots, more Diamond DeShields. 

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Courtney Vandersloot 

Courtney Vandersloot, the “Point God” as her teammates call her, has been excellent. She’s averaging 9.6 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 8.5 assists per game. Rebounds are at a career high and so are assists. In fact, she is leading the WNBA in assists per game. She has been spectacular. Of all players on the Chicago Sky roster, she is the most consistent. You can count on Vandersloot to have the same production and to run the offense night in and night out at an All Star level. 

Vandersloot is veteran and she plays like one. She has the consistency, the high level of production, and a professional demeanor on and off the court. At this point I honestly don’t want anything to change for Courtney Vandersloot.

It would be nice if her points per game could rise, but I think that would be hard to do without it hurting someone else’s production. Vandersloot just needs to continue being the veteran and point god we all know and love. As long as she can stay healthy and have a similar second half compared to the first half of the season, things are looking good for her and the Sky. 

The Chicago Sky have been one of the biggest surprises of the league. A first-time WNBA head coach and GM has taken a team that last year went 13-21 and transformed them into a 11-8 team with three All Stars. These three queens are playing at a high level and with some good luck health-wise and a more aggressive Quigley and DeShields, the Sky can be a team no one will want to play in Mid September. 

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