Exciting Updates to Winsidr’s 2023 Patreon Playbook

Hello, glorious WNBA fans! It is I, Owen Pence, senior writer at Winsidr.com, coming to you LIVE with some exciting updates on our 2023 coverage plan for Patreon.

This season, we are thrilled to welcome a bevy of new and talented writers to our already outstanding team, and with that, a recommitment to this space. With an increased emphasis on bringing Patreon subscribers fresh, vibrant work on a weekly basis, we’re excited to debut a breakdown of what you can expect in your inbox based on your subscription tier. 

(Note: each tier includes everything listed in the tier(s) above.)



Isn’t it beautiful? Not a single cent out of your pocket, just an email and a smile, and you will receive:

  • Content Calendar – In which we give you a map of all the work Winsidr publishes over the course of the season. 
  • Newsletter – We’re really excited about this one! Direct from the text messages of my esteemed podcast co-host and fellow senior writer, Myles Ehrlich: “It’ll be a concise snapshot at the start of each month of the W season, including our latest articles, power rankings, and podcasts, while also giving a glimpse ahead to that month’s content, including our Playback schedule.” Wow! For free, you say? 



The ol’ cup o’ coffee a month tier, an absolute staple of what keeps Winsidr running year in and year out. For $3 per month, you will receive all that jazz from the free tier, PLUS:

  • Articles – One exclusive article per month, often exploring lighter and fun topics that you may not see in more traditional coverage.
  • Training Camp Notes from Myles Ehrlich! – Myles has all the sights and sounds from New York Liberty training camp, and he’s writing these practice recaps daily! Expect behind-the-scenes reports at points throughout the season as well.
  • Winsidr Mailbags – Got questions? Send them our way! Our team of experts will be answering any and all queries in mailbags, for subscribers’ eyes only!
  • Fantasy League – Want a taste of the WNBA fantasy basketball landscape, but unable to find friends who will join a league with you? Your troubles are no longer! By joining the $3 per month tier, you’ll be entered into a fantasy league with members of the Winsidr team! Think you can take down the experts? Think you can take down, uhhhh, me? (It’s likely.)



Another longtime staple of the Winsidr model—for $7 per month, you get everything listed in the previous tiers, PLUS:

See Also

  • Live podcast – Once a month, join the elite duo of Aryeh Schwartz and Rachel Galligan for a live podcast! 
  • Zoom chats – We all know the feeling of itching to talk women’s hoop but having no audience. Maybe your friends and family are getting into the W, but they don’t yet have the knowledge to go full-deep-dive with you about roster minutiae and the like. Problem solved! We’re making our team available throughout the season on Zoom calls with our subscribers. Ask us questions, or just join to chop it up about all things women’s basketball! 



The tier to end all tiers! You’re already getting so much from the previous three sections, and, in addition, you’ll receive: 

  • A free t-shirt – Who doesn’t love merch? Who doesn’t love WINSIDR merch?!? This one is self-explanatory—sign up and tell us where to send your glorious new garb! 
  • Early access – Get the first look at some of Winsidr’s most viewed content before it’s released to the public. This includes the Winsidr Film Room series, podcasts, articles and more! 


From everyone on the Winsidr team—we are so appreciative of your support and cannot wait to get things going this season!

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